by Daemon Noir

Cut apart then stitched together
Opened up and closed once more
Torn to shreds glued back together
Cast aside ripped from the core
Left with nothing but contempt
I masquerade as one of you
Except inside this shell is empty
Just echoes dust and broken screws

I feel alive in this scorn for you
It makes me feel and gets me through
I can’t go on in this torpid state
So feed my ire let me live on through

Ruptured spilling pouring outward
Broken drained and left for dead
Skull opened as needles puncture
Steal the last thoughts from my head
What is left before you now
Is the remains of a man undone
See your future trust in me
Be one with my oblivion

I dream of your annihilation
I taste your blood in every breath
I need to seethe with this contempt
To know that I have something left