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by Taury Goforth

We are dying.
We are hiding
from these things,
We are ashamed of,
We are made so selfish,
The glass is breaking.
We’re so full of ourselves
it’s overflowing

I don’t want to breathe in you,
I don’t want to die with you,
I don’t want to feel this pain,
This thing inside of me
Spinning and grabbing.
thinning and breaking.
This thing inside of me
Is gonna fucking kill me


by Taury Goforth

I can’t speak, I can’t scream.
because you won’t let me
Take my time, take my life
need you but I don’t like you
Fuck me now, tease me later.
I need to get my rocks off
Control me, all your noise
Shut the fuck up – I-can’t-take-it

I know I don’t need lectures from you.
You tell me things I already know (I know)

My Next Sin

by Taury Goforth

You don’t fuck with the master
I’ll make your face turn blue
I’ll stab you with the rythmn
HexRX has come to kill you
Think twice don’t give me motive
I’ve got my weapon of choice
Don’t take me any further,
This night will end with murder

I want you know I hate you
I want to stab and rape you
I want you to bleed all over me
I’ll blind you so you can’t see
I’m gonna violate you
I’m gonna run you through
I’m gonna dominate you
I’m gonna fucking kill you

Your my next sin
My favorite within seven
I want your skin
Torture starts at eleven

Black Heart White Souls

by Taury Goforth

I want you
I killed you
Souless mine
Ok not fine
Darkest part
Image you stole
Your black heart
Your white soul

Push on you’re strong don’t hold back
Build up rise up your heart is black
Can’t stop won’t stop still you fight
Follow your soul that is your light

I know you know so what can we do
All of these savage crimes against you
I hope this can make you whole
Black heart and white soul
Fucked up I know so what can we do
Not your fault I know it’s not you
I hope this can make you whole
Black heart and white soul

Black heart white soul so cold doubt
Dead mind so blind you’ll find out
See red she bled haunted how
Can’t find the light that leads you now


by Taury Goforth

Fuck it all self control
Bloody mess can’t confess
Jesus christ sacrifice
Help me now falling down
Take it all steal a soul
Take it now underground
You don’t need it fucking greedy
Take it all no control
Dirty mess get dressed
Take his cash get out fast
Look at you dirty fuck
Greedy cunt what a stunt
Steal his soul fill a hole
You don’t need it fucking greedy

I’m your conscience
I’m here to help you
Make your choices
You know that you’re self righteous
Think you’re a bad ass
Let’s just prove it
Be the backstabber now
Five finger discount

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