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Fade Away

by Daemon Noir

I taste your tears
Salty wet and full of fear
I hear your cries
Desperate full with lies
How can I let you go
You’ve seen my face
Excitement’s over now
The time has come to be replaced
Time to feel Death’s cold embrace

We have come to our journey’s end
Or at least the end of you
So take my hand don’t be afraid
Don’t you know all things FADE AWAY

The final act begins
As my blade pierces your skin
Don’t beg or plead
It’s distracting while you bleed
It’s time to be brave
Look deep into my eyes
For everyone that breathes
Must face they’re going to die
At least you know the where and why


by Daemon Noir

Run the line strike the match
Light the fuse you know you want to
Lick the flames taste my rage
Tease the fire till it consumes you
Do you even know what you have done
What thing you have unleashed
Inside of me the dark desire
For violence that you’ve released

Deep inside i’m a ticking timebomb
No need to countdown I won’t be too long
You hunger for this wrath my instigator
Then meet your fate be the DETONATOR

I hold back must resist
Feel the pressure it’s too intense
Take a breath count to ten
You persist and I have no defense
Don’t you understand this isn’t what I want
Why can’t you just back away
If it’s what you need then you can have it all
But I suggest you take a second to pray
For your life


by Daemon Noir

Carve out for me this rotted skin
Extract away one more piece of useless life
I don’t want your disease
Yet another way for me to feel
I devour the heart that bleeds
As this cold blade penetrates

EVISCERATE it’s not too late
To sever this dying limb
In medicated sleep the cuts go deep
Close your eyes and they will never open again

Pull from me every pulsing vein
Disect each tendon expose the blood and bone
Strip away all carnal sensation
Remove every nerve until I am numb and cold
The phantom returns again
It’s sickness spreads in my head
Quickly cauterize every breathing pore
Before infection contaminates


by Daemon Noir

Bloodlust overflowing
This rage neverending
My thirst overtaking
I think I want to slit your throat

Fuck regrets, Fuck your life
You need to feel this
I need to end this
Fuck mercy, Fuck this knife
The more of you I spill
The more I love to KILL

Hellbent on destroying
The husk i’m exploring
This corpse you’re becoming
No remains not a trace of life


by Daemon Noir

Cut apart then stitched together
Opened up and closed once more
Torn to shreds glued back together
Cast aside ripped from the core
Left with nothing but contempt
I masquerade as one of you
Except inside this shell is empty
Just echoes dust and broken screws

I feel alive in this scorn for you
It makes me feel and gets me through
I can’t go on in this torpid state
So feed my ire let me live on through

Ruptured spilling pouring outward
Broken drained and left for dead
Skull opened as needles puncture
Steal the last thoughts from my head
What is left before you now
Is the remains of a man undone
See your future trust in me
Be one with my oblivion

I dream of your annihilation
I taste your blood in every breath
I need to seethe with this contempt
To know that I have something left

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