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by Daemon Noir

Cut apart then stitched together
Opened up and closed once more
Torn to shreds glued back together
Cast aside ripped from the core
Left with nothing but contempt
I masquerade as one of you
Except inside this shell is empty
Just echoes dust and broken screws

I feel alive in this scorn for you
It makes me feel and gets me through
I can’t go on in this torpid state
So feed my ire let me live on through

Ruptured spilling pouring outward
Broken drained and left for dead
Skull opened as needles puncture
Steal the last thoughts from my head
What is left before you now
Is the remains of a man undone
See your future trust in me
Be one with my oblivion

I dream of your annihilation
I taste your blood in every breath
I need to seethe with this contempt
To know that I have something left


by Daemon Noir

I can feel it slowly die
This poison heart
I dream of my redemption
But it falls apart
I reach out for the divine
Afraid to slip
I feel it suffocating
So I tighten my grip

Everything I covet I destroy
All the things I love are dead
As I reach out to cradle life
Within my hands it rips to SHREDS

I am my worst enemy
And my every fear
This part of me I cannot hide
Has become so clear
I just can’t stop myself
Once it’s begun
I have no choice but to embrace my own
Self destruction

Pure Evil

by Taury Goforth

Noise and the bass loud in your face
The hurt that I bring makes you scream

It’s inevitable the hurt, pure evil.
Undigestable things that I dream will,
Make you vomit and sick to your stomache
I just want to rip you up

Nothing can prepare you for me.

(Bridge 1)
Just provoke me and I’ll stab you in the face
Wash your face in mace cuz it won’t burn
any worse than a blowtorch peel your skin off
and cook it for you take the oils
and pour it on your open wounds

Dance with the devil cuz you’re better off with him than me
I’ll make you bleed to the point that you can’t breathe.
I won’t tie you up
I’ll put you on a meat hook.


I want you to feel.
This is my pure evil.

You are all so fake,
What else would it take.
I want you to feel.
This is my pure evil.

I want to fuck your mind.
I want to make you mine.
I want to fuck your soul.
I want to make you whole.
I want to fuck you up.
I want to make you.
I want to fuck you.
I want to make you.

Nothing to make you.
Nothing to fuck you.
Nothing to make you.
Nothing to fuck you.
Nothing to make you.
Nothing to fuck you.
Nothing to make you.
Nothing to fuck you.




by Taury Goforth

Pain in the knife,
you can’t seperate them.
Pain in your life,
you can’t take it.
Pain in the night,
you can’t fucking wake up.
Pain on the inside,
you can’t feel me anymore

still debating

be my lady

still pulsating
soul i’m stealing

she’s still sucking
i’m still fucking


by Taury Goforth

Sin is pouring out of my head,
All I want is fucking quiet,
What the fuck is it with this noise,
All I hear is fucking noise.

Scary frightening someone’s screaming
There’s no one here my ears are bleeding
Scratches on the sides of my head,
Someone’s skin is under my fingernails.

I don’t want this
I don’t need this
I can’t take this
I don’t think that I can take this

I don’t want this,
I can’t hear you.
Blood on my hands,
Let me touch you.
What is this place?
It’s a dark room.
Why is it small?
What should I do?
Not yet moving
My breathe is cold,
I’m sitting naked,
On a wet floor.
Feels like mud.
A thick liquid,
It’s my blood.
Blood on my hands,
It’s getting louder,

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