by Daemon Noir

I’m inside you
Feeding whispers of destruction
Your inner voice
Do we need an introduction
Behind your eyes
I hide inside your reflection
Your desire
That you crave beyond perception
Is this madness
Sanity is their illusion
The world is sick
Homicide is the solution
No more ego
Now reborn our mind is free
I was your id
Now your master call me “D”

Wake the killer
Live your dreams
Spill their blood
Let go and follow me

Embrace their fear
Mercy is not what you bring
They are all pawns
Dying just to make us king
No more talking
no more need to question why
Feel the evil
until nothings left inside
Each life we take
Helping put this urge to rest
One step closer
To evolve our grim INDEX
Devour your hate
Do not stop until you’re through
The time has come
And we have much work to do